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Round Robin Newsletter

I have mentioned the friendly robin who visits our garden in this blog post:

Well, I was trying to think of a unique name for my newsletter and this coincided with the robin’s usual disappearance from our garden this time of year. The garden has felt strangely empty since then and he was therefore in my thoughts.

In the winter, it is incredible how spherical a robin can actually look, its feathers puffed out and insulating it from the cold, so I decided to incorporate my feathered friend’s roundness into the design. I painted the illustration of the robin in watercolours, referring to a photograph I took of him in the Winter. So, without further ado, here is the logo:

Robin watercolour

If you’d like to receive the email newsletter, you can click “subscribe” on my pop up form or static sign up form and choose how you would like to hear from me.

How will the newsletter differ from the blog? Well, I hope to include more exclusive content, such as informing subscribers about ideas and products I am developing, projects I am working on and exclusive offers. It will also offer a little more insight into my day and personal interests. Of course, the blog will still be here. I plan to keep this up to date with new work, tutorials and any news (including, I sincerely hope, my robin’s safe return). You can subscribe to receive email updates for the blog in the same way.

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