Yellow Labrador Retriever Portrait Paintings

Labrador Retriever Paintings

Yellow Labrador Retriever portrait paintings by UK Labrador and dog artist. Buy original Labrador Retriever paintings, drawings and artwork or commission Labrador portrait drawings or paintings in watercolour, pastel or on canvas. Please visit my online shop to browse Labrador paintings for sale.

Labrador Retriever Pastel Painting
Labrador Retriever, Pastel Painting

Warthog Watercolour Illustration

Warthog watercolour illustration

Warthogs are so named because of the unsightly, hard, wart-like bumps on their skin, which offer protection. They are mostly bald with some sparse hair and a mane extending the length of the back. They are related to domestic pigs. They may look ferocious and possess four tusks (which can grow very long) but they are herbivores and usually prefer flight over fight, being able to run a top speed of 30 mph! They hide out in dens made by aardvarks, where they also raise their young, typically reversing in so that their tusks face outside danger.