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My father is a bird enthusiast. In fact, he is rather like Pied Piper where birds are concerned. I don’t if this ability to befriend birds is inherited or learned, but, for the past few years I have been stalked by a particularly friendly robin with a taste for cheddar cheese! Robbie, or Robs, as he is affectionately known to us, calls at our door from about January to Autumn. Currently, he is busy feeding his mate (cheese is a popular offering) and we are looking forward to seeing his offspring hopping in and out of the flower pots near the doorstep again this year. I hoped you might enjoy the picture of him watching me from the upstairs window. He has been known to hover in mid-air, like a humming bird, to attract my attention.

I am finding that pheasants are a favourite subject for many people and these beautiful birds are fortunately also regular visitors to my garden. A beautiful cock pheasant presented me with a perfect opportunity for reference, when he too started appearing at the doorstep recently. I will put the painting up on my shop when it is finished but here is a picture of its progress. In the meantime, here is a link to the pheasant products currently available. Perhaps I will also paint a robin!

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