Illustration Projects

polar bear watercolour

Polar bear

These incredible animals are the largest carnivores to be found on land. They can weigh up to 800 kg. Despite the yellow-white appearance of their fur, their skin is black and their translucent hairs merely reflects the visible light. Their populations are expected to decrease by thirty percent by 2050, with climate change the biggest […]

gift ideas for dog owners, pug watercolour painting

Pug, watercolour illustration

Pugs are lovely little characters.  They require all your attention and will follow you everywhere.  You can find the original paintings in my online shop, along with other pug paintings and drawings, which make a great gift for a dog owner.  I couldn’t resist painting a front and back view.

dog paintings for sale

Sighthound, ink sketch

I love the graceful flowing lines of these dogs.  I drew this in ink to try to capture this.  The original dog sketch is available through my shop for a greyhound lover.  Other dog paintings are for sale on my shop page.

custom dachshund paintings for sale, wirehaired dachshund

Wirehaired Dachshund

  I have a soft spot for dachshunds.  If you are interested in the original piece, it is available through my shop along with paintings and drawings of other breeds.  These make unusual gifts for dog owners.  

rosemary illustration, food illustration watercolour


animal illustration artist

Humpback whale, watercolour and ink

Hare. Watercolour illustration

Hare, watercolour

Cinnamon and cloves, pen and ink

Sweet Spices

Cardamoms, watercolour illustration

Cardamom pods

pug sketch, animal illustration line drawing

Pug Drawing, ink

Browse the original Pug drawing on my shop.

brown bear watercolour painting

Grizzly Bear (Brown Bear)

Brown bears can be found in Europe, Asia and North Western North America. In America, they are known as “grizzlies,” or “grizzly bear.” They are omnivores, feeding on plants, shoots, berries, fish and small animals (and honey!). They store their food in shallow holes and hibernate in the winter. Hibernation can last from around October […]

Chiddingstone Castle

Painted for an advertising poster for this lovely venue.

fig watercolour painting

Fig watercolour Illustration

Confectionery illustration watercolour and ink

Confectionary illustration

Mackerel watercolour illustration

Mackeral watercolour illustration

turbot fish illustration

Turbot, Food Illustration

Watercolour illustrations of food and drink.

French bulldog watercolour illustration

Excuse my French!

Black Labrador Begging, watercolour illustration

Black Labrador Begging, watercolour illustration

Black Labradors might just be the hardest thing to paint in watercolours!  Of course, black can look purple and blue, so there are lots of subtle and beautiful colour variations to find within their lovely glossy coats.  I produced this painting for a range of dog mugs for Hudson and Middleton china.  The original painting […]

Thoroughbred horse bucking watercolour painting

Thoroughbred horse bucking, watercolour illustration

Well, I own one of these lunatics, who is nearly thirty years old and still capable of this!  I just love Throroughbreds.  They have so much personality and attitude, yet can be very giving and affectionate.  This was painted for a range of mugs for Hudson and Middleton china.  

Pheasant watercolour illustration

Pheasant watercolour illustration

Marmalade cat original watercolour illustration

Marmalade Cat

Chartwell, Kent

Kent is full of lovely places to visit. This was the home of Sir Winston Churchill (for those who don’t know it), acquired by the National Trust in 1946.

painting of hever castle kent

Hever Castle, Kent

Another local treasure.  The childhood home of Anne Boleyn near Edenbridge, Kent.  This wonderful castle even has a maze.  This illustration of Hever Castle is painted in watercolour. For more information, visit

Ightham Mote painting buildings illustration

Ightham Mote

Watercolour illustration of Ightham Mote. Kent is full of fascinating old houses. Painstakingly restored by the National Trust, it is an intriguing visit and a lovely place for walks.

Watercolour painitng of a pug

Pug, watercolour dog art

Well here we have a front and back view of this cheeky pug. I couldn’t resist painting him from both sides.

Gloucester Old Spot pig watercolour painting

Gloucester Old Spot Pig, Watercolour Illustration

Pigs make a lovely subject for a painting. I sold the original painting long ago but have prints of this particular pig and others in my shop. The Gloucester Old Spot is a rare breed, a pedigree pig. As its name suggests, it was popular in parts of Gloucester, where it was known as the […]

Sleeping pig watercolour painting

Sleeping Pig

I saw this lazy pig at a local birds of prey centre. I have sold many prints of this image, I think it’s because he looks so care free and contented and we would all like to be like that.

cattle illustration

Limousin Cow

Oxted and Edenbridge Show has provided me with many opportunities to draw cattle. Here are ten important things to know about the breed from That’sFarming. I painted this on some beautiful Whatman watercolour paper I managed to get my hands on (it was sadly discontinued). I have long since sold the picture and run […]

Rhode Island chicken watercolour painting

Rhode Island Red Chicken

Sundridge Gallery illustratration

Sundridge Gallery, Kent

Places and Maps

tabby cat watercolour

Tabby Cat

I have never owned a cat but I do enjoy painting them, their eyes intrigue me.

marmalade cat watercolour illustration

Marmalade Cat Watercolour

I am told by those in the know that Marmalade cats have a little more attitude than other cats. I came across an interesting article on the subject of cat colours and their personalities, which may be of interest to the cat owners amongst you.

Welsh Pony illustration

This watercolour illustration of a Welsh pony was used by Hudson and Middleton on a fine bone china mug design. The caption on the mug was “Also Available in White.” Anyone who owns a grey pony will relate to this!

hare watercolour painting

Hare Watercolour

Where I used to live in rural Kent we were lucky enough to see these beautiful creatures from time to time. Once or twice, I came across them hopping up the lane, the black of the ears, bristly coat and long legs alerting me to the fact that this wild creature before me was certainly […]

Robin, watercolour

I am a little obsessed with robins. This is a painting that I created for my newsletter logo, which features a robin I tamed in my garden. I am amazed by the intelligence and bravery of these little birds. I have learned a lot about them through my robin’s daily visits. You can find out […]

ginger watercolour illustration

Fresh Ginger Watercolour Illustration

pointed pepper illustration

Pointed Pepper

lemon watercolour illustration


welsh pony illustration

Welsh Pony

An illustration created for Hudson and Middleton for a mug design. The mug featured the caption “Also Available in White.”


I know that they wreak havoc in people’s gardens, cricket pitches and the like, but I think moles are fascinating. This design featured on a range of mugs produced for Hudson and Middleton.

jack russell watercolour illustration

Jack Russell watercolour illustration

I love the expressiveness and mischievousness of terriers. They are very intelligent little dogs. I produced this illustration for a mug design for Hudson and Middleton. It amazes me just how many people tell me that they have a terrier that looks like this one.

patterdale terrier painting

Patterdale Terrier Begging, Watercolour

Another illustration created for Hudson and Middleton china. This was my sister’s little dog, Rosie. She was a rescue dog and took a long time to gain trust but she adored most people in the end! She always had a sense of her own importance and would seek out the most comfortable places in the […]

Jack russell painting

Jack Russell Terrier Illustration

This illustration was created for a portrait of a terrier called Crunchie. I loved his neckerchief.

tawny owl illustration

Tawny Owl in a Tree, Watercolour Illustration

I count myself very lucky to live in the countryside. One of the highlights of Autumn is the screeching and hooting of tawny owls in the dark of the night. Their unique sounds are so funny that I forgive them waking me up as they dispute their territories, sometimes on the roof or a nearby […]

Miniature Schnauzer

Rhodesian Ridgeback line drawing

Rhodesian Ridgeback, pencil drawing

I love drawing animals from life, it was how I first got interested in drawing as a child, as I sketched our rabbits and dogs. I don’t have a dog of my own at the moment, so I relish every opportunity to sketch them live. This was a Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy I met. As with […]

life drawing

Life Drawing

Circa 15 minute life drawing. Pencil.

life drawing

Life Drawing

sketches of people

Ben, a stealthy sketch

life drawing

Life Drawing

lobster watercolour illustration

Lobster watercolour illustration