polar bear watercolour

Polar bear

Turbot watercolour

Turbot, Food Illustration

Watercolour illustrations of food and drink.

gift ideas for dog owners, pug watercolour painting

Pug, watercolour illustration

Pugs are lovely little characters.  They require all your attention and will follow you everywhere.  You can find the original painting in my online shop, along with other pug paintings and drawings, which make a great gift for a dog owner.

dog paintings for sale

Sighthound, ink sketch

I love the graceful flowing lines of these dogs.  I drew this in ink to try to capture this.  The original dog sketch is available through my shop for a greyhound lover.  Other dog paintings are for sale on my shop page.

dog paintings for sale, wirehaired dachshund

Wirehaired Dachshund

  I have a soft spot for dachshunds.  If you are interested in the original piece, it is available through my shop along with paintings and drawings of other breeds.  These make unusual gifts for dog owners.  

rosemary illustration, food illustration watercolour

Rosemary – I do food illustration too!

animal illustration artist

Humpback whale, watercolour and ink

Hare. Watercolour illustration

Hare, watercolour

Cinnamon and cloves, pen and ink

Sweet Spices

Cardamoms, watercolour illustration

Cardamom pods

pug sketch, animal illustration line drawing

Pug Drawing, ink

Browse the original drawing on my shop.

brown bear watercolour painting

Grizzly Bear (Brown Bear)

Brown bears can be found in Europe, Asia and North Western North America. In America, they are known as “grizzlies,” or “grizzly bear.” They are omnivores, feeding on plants, shoots, berries, fish and small animals (and honey!). They store their food in shallow holes and hibernate in the winter. Hibernation can last from around October […]

Chiddingstone Castle

Painted for an advertising poster for this lovely venue.

fig watercolour painting

Fig watercolour Illustration

Confectionery illustration watercolour and ink

Confectionary illustration